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12 hours ago Colin ClarkUpdate some untranslated text strings master
14 hours ago Colin ClarkRun Code Correctness checks on all source files
15 hours ago Colin ClarkFix #1248: Crash when hiding file list
33 hours ago Colin ClarkMove third-party sources to separate sub-directory
36 hours ago Colin ClarkBug fix: Pan view not displayed correctly
40 hours ago Arkadiy IllarionovSimplify usage of set_page_num and get_page_total
2 days ago Arkadiy IllarionovConvert ImageLoaderBackend to interface and backends...
3 days ago Colin ClarkInclude Code Correctness check in GitHub test runs (2)
5 days ago Arkadiy IllarionovFix deprecation warning for poppler >= 0.82
5 days ago Arkadiy IllarionovLet image loader backend decide how to process image...
5 days ago Colin ClarkInclude Code Correctness check in GitHub test runs
8 days ago Colin ClarkMinor documentation update
8 days ago Colin ClarkBug fix: clang-tidy checks missing sub-dirs
8 days ago Arkadiy IllarionovFix HAVE_* config values checks
8 days ago Arkadiy IllarionovDeduplicate cr3 image loader
9 days ago Andreas RönnquistRemove plugin refresh-thumbnail from POTFILES
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