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last changeMon, 22 Apr 2024 08:58:59 +0000 (09:58 +0100)
13 hours ago Arkadiy IllarionovPrefer internal ViewFile submodule functions master
30 hours ago Colin ClarkOption to hide window decorations
31 hours ago Arkadiy IllarionovDeduplicate ViewFile pop menu functions
33 hours ago Arkadiy IllarionovDeduplicate ViewFile dnd
34 hours ago Colin ClarkTidy AppImage generation files
2 days ago Colin ClarkAuto-completion - split standard and remote options
2 days ago Arkadiy IllarionovSimplify ViewFile callbacks
3 days ago Colin ClarkBug fix: AppImage notification not working (2)
3 days ago Arkadiy IllarionovMove common click_fd member to ViewFile
3 days ago Arkadiy IllarionovDeduplicate "Show star rating" menu item creation
5 days ago Arkadiy IllarionovAdd vf_selection_foreach()
6 days ago Colin ClarkSome command line options are not GNU/POSIX compliant (2)
7 days ago Colin ClarkBug fix: AppImage notification not working
8 days ago Colin ClarkUpdate AppImage download script for command line comple...
8 days ago Colin ClarkCommand line auto-completion - further enhancements
8 days ago Colin ClarkOption --cache-maintenance is not GNU compliant
4 weeks ago v2.4 Release v2.4
6 weeks ago v2.3 Release v2.3
2 months ago v2.2 Release v2.2
10 months ago v2.1 Release v2.1
20 months ago v2.0.1 Release v2.0.1
20 months ago v2.0 Release v2.0
20 months ago gtk2final Last commit to support GTK2
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2 years ago v1.7.2 Release v1.7.2
2 years ago v1.7.1 Release v1.7.1
2 years ago v1.7 Release v1.7
3 years ago v1.6 Release v1.6
4 years ago v1.5.1 Release v1.5.1
4 years ago v1.5 Release v1.5
6 years ago v1.4 Release v1.4
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