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last changeSun, 3 Dec 2023 13:29:39 +0000 (13:29 +0000)
26 hours ago Colin ClarkOpen With feature master
2 days ago Colin ClarkChange documentation for git clone from git:// to
3 days ago Colin ClarkBug fix: Change all .desktop files to RDNS style
11 days ago Andreas RönnquistGeeqie is a c++ project now, hence get the C++ compiler...
11 days ago Colin ClarkUpdate devel-install,sh
11 days ago Colin ClarkFIXME: do not work - gtk_label_set_ellipsize
13 days ago Arkadiy IllarionovRemove duplicated JPEG_MARKER macros
2023-11-20 Colin ClarkInclude tooltip for Filter combo
2023-11-20 Arkadiy IllarionovSimplify fullscreen_prefs_get_geometry()
2023-11-17 Colin ClarkFix #1076: webp images show up as black
2023-11-12 Jose RihaUpdate Slovak translation.
2023-11-06 Colin ClarkFix #1076: webp images show up as black
2023-10-31 Colin ClarkFix #1204: Geeqie crashes if double-clicked on empty...
2023-10-31 Arkadiy IllarionovMove fullscreen static functions to anonymous namespace
2023-10-28 Arkadiy IllarionovUse C++ types for ScreenData list
2023-10-28 Colin ClarkChange all .desktop files to RDNS style
5 months ago v2.1 Release v2.1
15 months ago v2.0.1 Release v2.0.1
15 months ago v2.0 Release v2.0
15 months ago gtk2final Last commit to support GTK2
19 months ago v1.7.3 Release v1.7.3
22 months ago v1.7.2 Release v1.7.2
22 months ago v1.7.1 Release v1.7.1
22 months ago v1.7 Release v1.7
3 years ago v1.6 Release v1.6
4 years ago v1.5.1 Release v1.5.1
4 years ago v1.5 Release v1.5
5 years ago v1.4 Release v1.4
7 years ago v1.3 Release v1.3
7 years ago v1.2.3 Release v1.2.3
8 years ago v1.2.2
8 years ago v1.2.1 New bugfix version
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5 months ago stable/2.1
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