The preview displays a small version of the output that will result with the current settings. The preview will update whenever a setting is changed that will effect the print output.

The preview will indicate the number of pages that will be printed, to see a preview of a specific page change to that page by activating the left or right arrow buttons located below the preview.

The size of the preview can be changed using the three zoom buttons located below the preview.

The preview includes several reference lines that are not included in the final print:

Reference grid

Light gray lines that form a grid over the entire page, the spacing between these lines is dependent on the current measurement unit:


1 inch.


72 points.

Centimeters or Millimeters

1 centimeter.


Blue lines along each edge of the page represent the location of the print margins, the non-printable area of the page is also gray.

Proof sheet grid

When the layout is set to Proof sheet, each proof location is indicated with a red rectangle.