Printer tab


Use this to select the destination of the print output.

Default printer

Prints to the system default printer.

Custom printer

Prints to the printer using the command defined in Custom printer (below).

Postscript file

Writes using the postscript format to named File (below).

Image file

Writes using the selected File format (below) to named File (below).

Custom printer

The command to use when Destination is selected as Custom printer. For convenience, the drop down list includes printers available for use by the printing subsystem.


The file to use for output when Destination is Postscript file or Image file.

File format

The image format to use when Destination is Image file.


Abbreviation for Dots Per Inch. When the Destination is a printer or postscript file, this defines the maximum DPI to use when outputting image data. For example if the Destination printer is only capable of 600 DPI, but the resulting image to print is 1200 DPI, Geeqie will scale the image down to 600 DPI before sending it to the printer. This can greatly reduce the size of a print job when printing Proof Sheets or very large images.