Geeqie is a lightweight image viewer for Linux, BSDs and compatibles.

It can be used as a simple, fast, database-free image viewer, but equally it can be used to manage large collections of images.


A summary of Geeqie may be found on its Wiki page.

A more complete feature list is here.

And the on-line Help file gives even more detail.

A few screenshots give an idea of the range of possibilities.

Downloading and installation

Geeqie is available as a package for several distributions:




Solaris Solaris 10 & 11

The source tar for Geeqie v1.4 is available here.

However if you are compiling from sources it is recommended that you get the latest sources from the Geeqie repository.

Geeqie is stable, there are frequent updates, and compiling is a quick and painless task. The instructions for downloading and installing are easy to follow.


If you need help or have questions about Geeqie, just send a message to the mailing list.

Although it is not mandatory, we encourage you to subscribe:

For bugs and feature requests, Geeqie at GitHub is the place to go.