Marking Images

Marks are intended as a temporary method of grouping and filtering sets of images.

Keywords are intended as a permanent method of identifying sets of images, and to this end it is possible to link any mark with any keyword.

The Select menu gives access to the marks operations of setting, filtering and intersection.

There are 6 individual marks, any of which can be associated with an image simply by pressing the 1 to 6 keys on the keyboard.

If the Show Marks menu has been selected, each image will have a set of 6 check-boxes displayed adjacent to it in the file pane in both icon and list mode. In addition a set of 6 check-boxes will be shown at the top of the files pane. Clicking any of these will filter the displayed list.

If the Image Overlay is being displayed, the currently set marks for the image are shown. It is not necessary to include an entry into the overlay template for this to happen.

A keyword can be associated with a single mark by right-clicking on the keyword in the sidebar panel. When a meta-data write operation for a file is triggered either manually or as defined in Metadata , the keyword data indicated by the current set of mark-to-keyword links will be written.

Neither marks, nor the associations between keywords and marks, are preserved when Geeqie is shut down.